Get Top Performance with Effective Coaching on Sailing Yachts


No matter whether as an executive or as a team – discover the special challenge of reconciling nature and technology.


Continue to develop your leadership skills

The challenge of leadership is to develop strategies, realize them, and to get your team on board.

These are the critical factors for success, not only in your business but also on a yacht. Experience regatta sailing as an extraordinary opportunity to reinforce commitment, to convincingly embody management principles, and to create optimal general conditions for top performance. We sail on several yachts, each day in new groups, thereby promoting productive competition.


Rediscover your potentials

You will experience group coaching aboard a yacht as a form of personality development that is success and performance oriented. Discover your strengths (anew) so that you can put them to better use in your career. The key questions are: What is it that makes me successful? What is it that I want to develop further? Why do I need the team and how do I benefit from the team’s synergies?


Promote the team spirit of your top teams

Sailing is all about performing as a team. Aboard an offshore yacht, an intense development process is put into motion which forges your task force into a powerful team.  Challenging situations can only be mastered by being goal oriented and coordinated. Nature provides the impulses and sets the conditions. Paying attention to yourself and others is the first step; personal authority and collective, well considered action make up the second step for success.


A dynamic environment and action – freedom and team spirit, those are the things intense coaching aboard an offshore yacht can offer.



Hofmann & Monnot



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