Offer for Universities and Young Scientists


You will be guided and supported…

… when preparing for an executive position

How do you make your strengths work in the leadership role? How can you gain influence and push sth. through?
Management tools in education and other leadership situations.

Workshops ("Leading with Confidence at the University"; "Identifying and Using Freedoms to Change or Create"; constructive dealing with power and influence")


… when developing a highly productive team

How do you design the team processes in such a way that an optimum in terms of research results is achieved?
Which roles in a team need to be filled? Which role is suitable for you?
How do you integrate new employees into the team?

Process consulting and workshops ("Teambuilding in Science and Research", "Team Leadership at Labs and in Groups of Scientists")


… in conducting negotiations professionally

How do you succeed in negotiating in a no-nonsense manner while maintaining good relationships at the same time?
How do you deal constructively with any objections raised?
How do you steer a negotiation in a solution-oriented manner?
How do you reach a win-win situation even when faced with asymmetrical power relationships?

Workshops ("Solution-oriented Negotiating";
"Negotiating for Doctoral Students")


… in resolving conflicts constructively

How do you succeed in resolving conflicts with a view to solutions and resources?
How can conflicts be resolved in a dialog?
How do you resolve conflicts when faced with asymmetrical power relationships?

Workshops ("Dealing Constructively with Conflicts When You are a Doctoral Student"; "Conflict Management for Executives")


… when writing scientific texts

How do you phrase a good research question?
How do you construct chains of reasoning?
How do you develop a common thread and a focus for your research paper?
Process consulting and workshops in German only ("Writing for Academic Purposes"; "Structure and Outline of a Synopsis")


… to help you meet new challenges by means of coaching

You are new in a research team or have taken up the position as a research assistant for the first time
You are in charge of students at a laboratory
You start working with the first research team of your own
You struggle with unclear role allocation and mixed roles
You are planning your next career move after earning your doctorate
You want to develop strategies to deal with job-related stress, e. g. during the final phases of your doctoral studies

Angebot für Professor*innen


halbtätiger Workshop mit intensivem Einzelcoaching zu Führungsthemen



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