Brief description:

systemic – solution-oriented coaching


Coaching is …

resource-oriented by improving your existing skills and abilities while emphasising your strengths. It is important to recognize success and build upon that.
goal-oriented, i.e. the focus is on defining goals and solving problems and not on describing them. It is important to formulate any goals in a positive way and creatively address your visions and aspirations for the future.
systemic means that the environment in which you live will be taken into consideration when defining goals and finding solutions.


Which goals can be achieved with coaching?

Coaching promotes self-management and taking responsibility for one’s own personal and professional development. You take time to reflect on your "interior" operating system, to realize what your goals, desires, values, abilities, and development possibilities are. What is it that makes me successful? What keeps troubling or burdening me again and again? What is it I want to learn or develop?
The aim it promote your skills to solve specific problems in a goal-oriented manner and to master professional and personal challenges in your life.

Coaching offers an opportunity to reflect on your professional conduct, to instil and activate skills and use them in your everyday working life.


Reasons for coaching are…

Reflecting on your professional conduct
Instilling and activating skills
Transferring skills to your everyday working life
The original reason comes from your everyday working life, while there may be, of course, some overlap between professional and personal reasons
Dealing with stress and burnout
Resolving conflicts
Dealing with colleagues / employees
Planning your job, life, and career
Reconciling your professional and private life
Organising time
Clarifying role allocation
Thinking strategically
Working on a vision
Managing yourself
Reflecting on values and meanings


What is it that the coach does and what does the client do?

A coach supports and guides the process of finding a solution and invites ideas. The coach has process know-how and is not a technical expert in your field. You, on the other hand, are the "expert" for your goals and solutions. You are supposed to find the solutions for your issues on your own, while the coach guides and helps shape this process using various methods of intervention.


An ideal course of action would be:

Clarifying the issue
Describing the situation
Defining the goal
Finding the solution

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